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The sky is falling! No, just a lot of numbers. Hurry, collect them before they hit the ground! In Kids Mobile Education’s fun, educational number game, My Number Drop, kids from kindergarten to 4th grade have a rich opportunity to learn all about numbers. Join the fun and play along with:

  • Odd and even numbers games
  • Positive and negative number games
  • Greater than and less than math for kids
  • Multiples games for 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 & 6
  • Prime numbers games

Practice 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade math by catching the falling numbers in each of the number categories. Be careful not to catch the wrong numbers or let the correct ones drop to the ground. This exciting, enhanced apple catcher game features many colorful, themed levels- much more than just apples! Discover vibrant backgrounds and engaging music as your child or children progresses in basic math.

Play free number games with many cute animal Friends!

Our silly, animated characters support your child’s or children’s motivation to learn their basic math facts as their custom apple catcher. Whether you choose Cat, Lion or even Hedgehog, each furry (or spikey) friend lights up with a smile for all your successes. They may even dance for you! Unlock all apple catch buddies by completing all number game levels.

Useful tips to help kids learn number sequences and patterns!

Unsure how to play our multiples games or haven’t learned prime numbers yet in school? No problem. Kids can benefit from our kids math rules tips on topics such as positive and negative numbers, odd and even numbers, greater than and less than, as well as multiples and prime numbers. Just click the question mark in the game menu or anytime in the number games to review the rules for each of the basic math facts. Our math tips come straight from common core math teachers ensuring that your child or children learns the same material as in the classroom.

Free number games for kids!

My Number Drop aids your child’s or children’s learning with free number games for kids. Unlock each of the many exciting levels by mastering each of the basic math games and moving to the next. Our fun math game levels include:

  1. Even numbers
  2. Odd numbers
  3. Negative Numbers
  4. More than values
  5. Less than values
  6. Multiples of 10
  7. Multiples of 2
  8. Multiples of 5
  9. Multiples of 3
  10. Multiples of 6
  11. Multiples of 4
  12. Prime Numbers

Maximize your children’s development with math games for kids from Kids Mobile Education!

To memorize and retain a topic within the brain’s long-term memory (LTM), studies stress the value of vigorous practice and repetition. Every engagement with learning material supports the construction of stronger, faster neural networks. As a children’s neural network grows, so does their readiness to quickly retrieve the learned information- even years later! Unfortunately, since many kids struggle to engage with elementary math subjects such as number sequences and patterns among other basic math topics, they lack the focus required for neural development during crucial math lessons, math reviews and math quizzes. As a result, many children lack the repetition needed for effective knowledge retention and LTM. Our team of educators specially designed My Number Drop and all our Mobile Education games to target long-term educational development through kids entertainment. As a result, our educational games have been proven to optimize kids’ engagement in elementary math subjects and proudly aid the achievement of children’s learning goals.

Kindergarten math, 1st grade math, 2nd grade math, 3rd grade math and even 4th grade math!

Topics such as positive and negative numbers, odd and even numbers, greater than and less than as well as multiples and prime numbers are core subjects in Kindergarten math, 1st grade math, 2nd grade math, 3rd grade math and 4th grade math curricula. Parents looking to supplement their children’s elementary math education with free 1st grade learning games, 2nd grade learning games and 3rd grade learning games should look no further.

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