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Learn to add, subtract and multiply by completing cool jigsaw puzzles!

My Math Puzzles makes math practice fun by integratingmathproblems into kids jigsaw puzzles!Choosing between addition, subtraction and multiplicationproblems, your child will love to learn math as theygradually finish each cute puzzle picture.From kids farm puzzles to animal jigsaw puzzles, access over 90 free jigsaw puzzles and become a math expert.

How it works..

  1. Solve any of the math problems on the puzzle board.
  2. Shuffle through your inventory for the puzzle piece with the correct matching response.
  3. Drag the puzzle piece to the math problem it answers.
  4. Click! The piece will lock in place and you are just one step closer towards completing the puzzle

With 30 addition puzzles, 30 subtraction puzzles and 30 multiplication puzzles, your children will have hours of fun learning math.

Select from 10 cute animal characters to be your math problem sidekick!

Don’t solve math problems and jigsaw games alone! In My Math Puzzles, yourvery own math pal joins you. Players can choose from 10 lovable, animated characters who share your excitement for solving math problems correctly. Complete as many fun math puzzles as you can to unlock all 10 adorable characters.

Rewarded with a new characterafter every 5-10 puzzles completed, your child will be motivated to learnin order to advance to more challenging puzzles.

Add, Subtract and Multiply in Three Math Modes

Whether you arelooking for 1st grade math games, 2nd grade math games, 3rd grade math games or even a jump-start for your child with math for kindergarten and preschool, My Math Puzzles is a cool math game for all. The three game modes vary in difficulty to help you choose the level of math most suitable for your child. As the player advances in each mode, the problems also become increasingly more difficult.

Addition Mode: Starting with single digit addition, children have the chance to advance to two-digit addition.

Subtraction Mode: Begin with single digit subtraction and advance to two-digit subtraction that even adults will need a moment to think about.

Multiplication Mode: A great way to practice multiplication tables 1-12, the first set of puzzles focus on easier times tables such as 1, 2, 5 and 10. Afterwards, the colorful puzzles gradually advance to tables 7, 8, 9 and even 12.

Advance your child’smath skills through familiarization.

Spark the curiosity of your child who might be new to math or advance them to the next level by introducing them to math puzzles. After piecing together a few puzzles, they will begin to recognize and learn addition, subtraction and multiplication math facts through pattern recognition and memorization. The puzzles are theoretically solvable without knowing the answer to the problems in order to help uncertain children still find the correct answer. This feature also allows children to move ahead of their current math level by solving and reflecting on more difficult math problems, which they have yet to learn.

From Preschool to 3rd grade!

Appropriate from ages 3 to 9, My Math Puzzles is anadorable, useful learning tool for learners of various levels.

Preschool Math: It’s never too early to learn! Very young learners will love uncovering the cute puzzle pictures and will have a sense of pride that they can solve math problems too! With repetition, young children will begin to recognize patterns within the addition problems and may find they can add numbers without relying on the puzzle shapes.

Kindergarten Math: Already familiar with numbers or basic addition, Math Puzzle’s addition mode offers a great opportunity to get your child ready for elementary mathematics. And they are sure to love their furry learning pals too!

Math for 1st graders, 2nd graders and 3rd graders: Whether your child needs math homework help or practice for their next math quiz, solving problems with My Math Puzzles is a fun solution for all your everyday math needs.

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